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だい ♥ しんや Prompts
31st-Aug-2007 08:28 pm - → completed
Once you've finished your claim, leave us a comment in this post and we'll add your name to the List of Completed Claims. Feel proud! :D

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koyama ; call 3
31st-Aug-2007 08:18 pm - → affiliates
If you would like to be affiliates with dxs_prompts, please comment here!

We're only accepting Dir en grey related or challenge related communities.
koyama ; call 3
31st-Aug-2007 08:17 pm - → claims
Please read the rules before making your claim. Use the form below when making your claim. If everything is correct, you will be added to the claims list as soon as possible, and then given posting access.

Please make sure what you put in "username" is the username you want listed in the claims. Post your table in your journal somewhere publicly.

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koyama ; call 3
31st-Aug-2007 08:16 pm - → tables
Post your table in a public post on your own journal (or writing journal), then just link the prompts to your fic. If you don't know how to do that, here:

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koyama ; call 3
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